Announcing Nucleate Dojo: Empowering Undergrad Leaders

2 min readFeb 23, 2022


Nucleate, the nonprofit organization led by academic trainees and dedicated to empowering future biotech leaders, announced it is merging with BioDojo, an organization led by and for undergraduate students.

The undergrad initiative, evolving into Nucleate Dojo, will develop educational streams to reach a more diverse audience; introduce in-person biotech learning hubs globally; and host fellowship opportunities, opening access to grants and career development. In doing so, Nucleate Dojo will create the largest global community of biotech-oriented undergraduate students. It will bring visibility and increase the flow of talent into life sciences careers.

“Our community shares a common ambition to learn and contribute to the life sciences frontier. As a Nucleate initiative, Dojo will break new ground across programs, people, and places. We are energized to open more doors for burgeoning science talent,” said Brandon Yu, co-founder of Nucleate Dojo and an undergraduate researcher in the Treanor Lab at the University of Toronto.

The initiative, formerly called BioDojo, was founded in early 2020 as a cohort-based virtual fellowship, comprising top undergraduate in life sciences. Fellows engaged in exclusive internships, mentorship, and intimate discussions with founders and investors. The co-founders (Brandon Yu, Michael Trinh, and Subaita Rahman) will debut new Dojo programs this year.

Support the mission by joining the Dojo public discord community for updates on program release dates and fellowships. To join Nucleate Dojo’s core team, register interest here.

“The undergraduate experience is a career-defining time filled with opportunities to learn and explore. Though far too often, gaps in the ecosystem prevent students from accessing career development and research opportunities,” said Soufiane Aboulhouda, founding president and chair of Nucleate. “As Nucleate Dojo, they will scale their impact to undergraduates across the globe and promote a culture of proactive learning and engagement in the life sciences.”

About Nucleate Dojo
Nucleate Dojo is a global initiative within Nucleate, devoted to enabling undergraduate and non-graduate students in life sciences through education, community, and funding opportunities. Dojo is run by young leaders for young leaders. For more information, visit or follow @NucleateDojo.

About Nucleate
Nucleate is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of biotech leaders, with chapters spanning 10 regions and participation from over 60 academic institutions. Nucleate identifies future biotech entrepreneurs, removes barriers, and helps founders concentrate on building transformational technologies.

Nucleate’s programs are made possible thanks to our generous sponsors: (platinum) Alnylam, Genentech, Pillar; (gold) Alexandria LaunchLabs, Benchling, Emerald Cloud Labs, Morrison & Foerster; (silver) Latch Bio, Watershed; and philanthropic support from Schmidt Futures. Visit for our regional sponsors and more information.