Nucleate Announces Launch of DojoGrants

2 min readJun 22, 2023

Nucleate is proud to announce the launch of DojoGrants, its pilot grant program for individual undergraduate scholars. These undergraduate research grants are part of the latest program from Dojo, Nucleate’s initiative to bring forward educational and logistical support for undergraduates looking to enter the life sciences sector.

Hosted in partnership with the Intuitive Foundation, DojoGrants will serve as a grant stipend program for undergraduate students who are performing volunteer or unpaid thesis research during the academic year, and have demonstrated financial need. In order to address existing disparities in the amount of students identifying with underrepresented minority (URMs) groups in academic life sciences, DojoGrants is also committed to providing specific grants for student researchers in need, coming from specific URM communities.

Undergraduate students coming from lower-income households and URM groups often struggle to be sufficiently supported while pursuing research opportunities. DojoGrants will serve as a means to equalize the accessibility to academic research between eager students of all backgrounds.

“Science itself is hard enough. Currently, we’re expecting undergraduate students who are first starting out to commit to long lab hours with minimal to no pay — if they can even afford to do this to begin with. The mission of DojoGrants is to even out the playing field for undergraduate science research, especially for those who don’t have the financial means to pursue it.”
Jennifer Tsai, Visiting researcher at EPFL, Co-Managing Director of Nucleate Dojo

Applications for the pilot round are now open for U.S. and Canadian undergraduate students. If you are interested in applying to DojoGrants, learn more by visiting the official website.

Applications are available here until July 15th, 2023 at 11:59 PM EDT.
To stay up to date about our program, follow @DojoGrants on Twitter.

About Nucleate Dojo

Nucleate Dojo is a global initiative within Nucleate, devoted to enabling undergraduate and non-graduate students in life sciences through education, community, and resource support projects. Dojo is run by young leaders for young leaders. For more information, visit or follow @NucleateDojo on Twitter.

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