Shaping the future of biotechnology policy with Nucleate

2 min readSep 28, 2022

Nucleate, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering tomorrow’s biotech leaders by educating today’s academic trainees, today announced the establishment of Nucleate Policy, the new educational initiative for biotechnology policy.

The Nucleate Policy Initiative is aimed at empowering future biotech leaders with the knowledge to create and advocate for emerging biotechnology policy at the earliest career stages. Biomedical technologies are rapidly developing and the current pace of innovation necessitates a similar evolution of policy, regulation, communication, and bioethics. An outstanding gap in academic training is how to leverage biotech expertise towards:

  • Biotechnology for Policy. Can we leverage biotechnology to achieve policy goals like improving healthcare?
  • Policy for Biotechnology. Can we regulate and accelerate the development of ethical biotechnologies?

Nucleate Policy promotes biotechnology policy fluency through education, elevating community discourse and catalyzing policy development in areas such as AI, synthetic biology, biosecurity, and drug pricing.

Tom Kalil, Chief Innovation Officer of Schmidt Futures, said, “Responsible biotech innovation can grow the bioeconomy, cure and prevent disease, and accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. The Nucleate Policy Initiative can help more biotech leaders shape and inform public policy to realize these goals.”

Nucleate Policy launches with (1) an open-access biotechnology policy lecture series taught by leaders in the field, (2) a hands-on policy think tank to generate novel solutions to key issues in biotech policy, and (3) an advocacy training component to train future biotech leaders how to interface with policymakers for social change.

“The Nucleate Policy Initiative can help more biotech leaders shape and inform public policy.”
— Tom Kalil, Chief Innovation Officer of Schmidt Futures

Nucleate Policy is recruiting academic trainees to further develop and build the initiative. Nucleate is also seeking collaborators in the public and private sectors to provide expert guidance and mentorship. Potential collaborators should contact

To join the Nucleate Policy leadership team, complete the short application.

About Nucleate

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